The Band

I am pretty lucky because I have a really talented group of people that I do ministry with.  They are not just good musicians, but are really good people too!  They love Jesus, love music, and love using their songs and talents to help direct us ‘rich folks’ to the ministry of caring for children from poor countries through the work of World Vision.

Here are some of the people I am blessed to play with on a regular basis:

Steve Gould – Drums

As of 2014 Steve is the full-time drummer with Grammy-nominated songwriter Sara Bareilles. He just recently finished a two year stint as drummer for the platinum-selling pop artist Owl City, as well as being the drummer and musical director for the kids band Go Fish. Steve continues to perform occasionally with both artists, as well as Grammy-nominated songwriter Joel Hanson (of the late CCM band PFR), Emmy-winning vocal quartet The Blenders, San Francisco based singer/songwriter Elizabeth Hunnicutt, and Twin Cities singer/songwriter Sara Groves, and jazz vocalist Jason Harms. Steve holds a faculty position with the music department at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN and often participates in clinics and master classes nationally. He does extensive session work with local and national music producers. Click here for his full bio.

Phil Hicks – Bass Guitar
Phillip Hicks is the full-time touring bassist for Nashville-based indie band LEAGUES. When he’s not on the road, he plays with many Minneapolis-based bands and artists, including CHARN, BBGUN, Wishbook, and Haley Bonar. He also does session work in Nashville and Minneapolis, collects all kinds of vintage instruments and records, and cooks a mean breakfast. Phillip lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his wife and baby daughter.

Mark Heimermann – Producer

Syracuse, NY is where I grew up. I was the youngest of five, all of us singers and musicians. I received classical training from the time I was five years old. In addition to piano, I also played violin, viola, and trumpet (at least until my front teeth fell out). I played in stage bands, orchestras and sang in choirs and chamber groups throughout my growing up years. I went to college in Nashville, TN, playing and touring with the school’s Top 40 recruiting band, as well as playing in clubs with my own band. Writing jingles for a Nashville ad agency is how I got my professional start in the music business. From there, I started touring, first with Michael W. Smith, and then with Amy Grant. My brother-in-law, Chris Harris and I started a production company in 1986 and began producing records. In 1992, we started our own publishing company to manage our growing song catalogs. Fast forward through several years of songwriting and record production to 1998, and it was then that I began a developmental record label of my own called Gravity Records. Continuing to write songs and make records for artists such as dcTalk, Anointed and Jaci Velazquez, I launched into artist development as well with the opening of the Gravity record label. It was a busy time in my career. In addition to developing new artists, in 2001 I began the journey of developing my own artistry, which culminated in a worship opera called Vapor. The years since then have given me many opportunities to develop and empower artists, to do what I love, and to make an impact on the world through music. I continue on that path and in that passion, writing, producing, developing, and now mentoring and teaching from my new home and recording studio in Minneapolis, MN.